A few minutes a day makes a SNAP CHANGE!
      The TossMaster mat is the revolutionary tennis training tool that effectively teaches the player the technique of the ball toss.
      We all know that practice makes perfect. But to achieve effective change and learning, you have to practice the right thing. TossMaster is an interactive guide for tennis players to understand foot position, stance and ball drop placement for the flack, slice and kickserve. TossMaster will help players practice correctly on their own but is also a great help for coaches to get the player to "understand and grasp" more quickly what to do at the toss. The process will be more visual which will make it easier for the player.

      This is why TossMaster works:

      • Gives you immediate feedback so you can quickly make corrections
      • Teaches you to place the throw in the appropriate location for a specific type of serve
      • Ball location and stance are clearly marked. Learning to see the ball in the air and understand where it will land is critical to generally understanding throwing and serving technique
      • Allows players to integrate swing arm and throwing technique
      • Unlimited and accessible practice with a plan is the best path to success

      1 product

      1 product