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      If you love playing tennis, you know how important it is to have the right shoes for the surface. If you are a beginner, you may not yet know much about tennis shoes. Here is a quick guide to help you make the right choice. Different types of courts require different characteristics in your tennis shoes, and this can make a big difference to your performance and comfort. Here is information on clay, hard court and all court tennis shoes and why you should choose Wilson tennis shoes to get the best possible experience on the court.

      Tennis shoes for clay

      Gravel courts are common in Sweden and other parts of Europe, and they provide a slow and steady game with long stroke changes. To play well on clay, you need tennis shoes that have good grip, stability and shock absorption. You also want shoes that are easy to slide in and have durable soles that can withstand the rough surface. If you play a lot during the clay season, it is recommended that you have tennis shoes for clay to optimize your performance.

      A good example of tennis shoes for clay is Wilson Kaos Swift 1.5 Clay, as the model is light, flexible and provides good support for the foot. The shoe has a bi-dimensional mesh construction for support and ventilation. It also has a Duralast rubber sole with aherringbone pattern that provides good grip and durability on gravel courts. The model is available for both women and men. Tips on tennis shoes for those with slightly wider feet are Rush Pro Ace Clay .

      Tennis shoes for hard court

      Hard courts are fast and hard, and they place high demands on your tennis shoes. You need shoes that have good cushioning, durability and flexibility to protect your feet and joints from the hard surface. You also want shoes that have good grip and support to be able to make quick movements and turns.

      All-round / all court tennis shoes

      Today it is popular with tennis shoes that work on both clay and hard court. These tennis shoes are called either all-round or all court. In order not to get injured or limit your performance, these tennis shoes provide good grip, good cushioning, comfort and flexibility to adapt the player to different surfaces. If you do not play much on clay, an all round / all court tennis shoe is a good choice.

      A good example of an all court tennis shoe is Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 which provides good stability and control and is suitable for explosive, fast movements.

      Why choose Wilson tennis shoes?

      Wilson is one of the world's leading tennis equipment brands, and they have a wide range of tennis shoes for all levels, styles and surfaces. Wilson tennis shoes are designed using the latest technology and research to give you an advantage in the game.

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      30 products