Xpand Gravity Belt & Sprint Bungee resistance bands for tennis & padel

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The Xpand Gravity Belt & Sprint Bungee is the ultimate training tool to make you stronger and improve your explosiveness on the court. Train regularly with Xpand to become a better player! Perfect choice for all tennis players, padel players, and pickleball players who want to advance their game. Suitable for all levels of players, from beginners to professionals.

Xpand Gravity Belt & Sprint Bungee is a multifunctional professional training band with two parts; Gravity Belt and Sprint Bungee:

  • Gravity Belt: Straps from waist to foot that force you to play with your legs flexed.
  • Sprint Bungee: Resistance bands attached to a belt that you and your partner/coach use together for explosive training.

6 amazing benefits of the Xpand Gravity Belt & Sprint Bungee

  • Hit clean shots like Federer: Gravity Belt keeps you down which means stronger, smoother and more consistent shots.
  • Win long rallies like Nadal: Training with extra resistance is a real leg burner - become the strongest tennis player you can be.
  • Counter Punch Like Agassi: A low center of gravity is the best position to absorb and redirect power from!
  • Hit Huge Power Like Williams: Master your hip explosiveness and hit the ball with maximum power!
  • Chase Down Everything Like De Minaur: Playing lower will promote lightning-fast agility.
  • Mentally Lock In Like Djokovic: Training with the gravity belt will challenge and improve your mental focus.

How does Xpand work?
The Gravity belt uses 0-20 kg/0-44 lbs of variable resistance to keep the user down in a lower, more athletic position. The more you resist the tension in the bands, the harder you have to work. Naturally, you will assume a lower, stronger posture where you feel less resistance. This posture is known as the ideal athletic position and from here you will play your best tennis. The elastic bungee band is used with a partner/coach to develop and improve your reaction time to become more explosive and faster on the court.


  • Waist: Strong Velcro design fits well for almost all waist sizes (40 cm - 116 cm / XXS to XL).
  • Height: Best suited for players taller than 1.40m
  • Material: Made from 100% natural latex imported from Malaysia.

Comfort Tech: embedded super-comfortable foam in the waist belt and ankle straps so you can focus on the tennis and not the equipment!

Variable resistance: The three drop-down D-clamps allow you to increase or decrease your resistance. Push yourself to the max or choose a lighter intensity to suit your training load. (0-20 kg band).

Sprint Bungee: Elastic training band for explosive training. The band is 1.47 m long and extends to 3.8 m long when fully extended. It is rated 0-10 kg/22 lbs.

The Xpand Gravity Belt comes in a convenient carrying case so you can easily carry the training tool with you to your workout.

Tennis training video from the front

Tennis training video from the back

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