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For tennis & padel

Train with the Wrist Trainer to:

  • not grip your rack too tightly when serving, smashing and hitting groundstrokes
  • learn to hold the correct angle for volley

A common mistake that players make is cramping their grip too tightly. You may think that "if I grip tightly I will have better control of the rack and game" but the truth is that you are not using the correct technique. Instead, if you allow your wrist to twist when you hit the ball, your hitting performance will improve radically. But as is often the case, it's easy to say, but not so easy to really understand how to do it! Holding the grip tightly is easy, but learning how to feel it to hold correctly needs the right feel. So it's all about practice! Another common problem for players is dropping their racket when volleying, which leads to poor return play.

An effective solution to these problems is the Tac-Tic Wrist Trainer which is a fantastic kinesthetic aid that uses auditory feedback to help players improve faster. Simply put, if the Wrist Trainer clicks when the ball is hit, the correct technique has been used. When playing volleyball, you make sure to create a click from the start by bending your wrist upwards and then holding it in the correct position during the practice. This will ensure that you maintain the correct angle of your hand!

Application: place over the top of the wrist with the palm facing downwards so that the Wrist Trainer's metal insert is halfway across the hand and lower forearm. Hook the loop over the middle finger to secure it in place and double the loop for smaller hand sizes. For volleyball training, place the Wrist Trainer on the side of the wrist instead.

Tip: complement your training with the Knee Trainer: learning to walk low is important whether you are training for general balance and movement, to recharge before hitting a serve, smash or groundstroke, or to bend low for hitting low balls. Ideal for tennis and padel players but also for a variety of sports such as golf, baseball, football and basketball.

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I've practiced tennis all my life and know how important it is to use technique to make it stick. Just had the opportunity to try TopspinPro and wish I had discovered it sooner! Now both me and my tennis playing kids can practice technique and fundamentals at home, really fun and easy! Highly recommended regardless of ambition level.

Anna Wassgren, tennis player since 30 years

I serve 60 times a day with ServeMaster and have noticed an improvement in just a few weeks. Yesterday I played a match and felt so confident when I served.

Vega 8 years

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