Volt Padel 800 v22 INCLUDING premium cover

Volt Padel 800 v22 INCLUDING premium cover

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FEEL THE POWER with Volt Padel's advanced racket 800 - edition 2022

Portuguese premium padel brand Volt Padel's model Volt Padel 800 is a top quality padel racket for advanced & professional padel players with extra demands on medium weight balance. Round shaped head and oversized sweet spot technology.

INCLUDED in the price! Cover case with smart compartments. Also includes frame protector.


  • Round shaped racket head
  • Medium-high weight balance
  • 100% carbon fibre on frame and hitting surface
    • 3K structure
    • 3K faces
  • Black EVA Fast Recovery core
  • Dynamic hole system*
  • Oversized Sweet Spot technology
  • Adjustable safety lace

Dimensions & weight:

  • Profile: 38mm
  • Core: 38mm
  • Weight: 350gr - 370gr

Color: black

*Volt's dynamic hole system is the end result of extensive testing conducted for each individual 2022 rack model. These have been evaluated and approved by all Volt WTP players. The system is applied to find the very best "aerodynamics" in each rack. Compared to previous year models, the dynamic hole system reduces friction when smashing as the racket is less air receptive during fast smashes/strokes, increases the speed of the stroke/movement and improves the overall balance.

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