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Learn to smash like the pros! SmashMaster is the padel training tool that effectively teaches you how to smash. The tool helps you find the right technique and flow in the actual smash movement. It will teach you how to move correctly; how to create power by using the "backpack technique", where you bring your rack behind your back and then release your rack by almost throwing the rack upwards in one motion. This is to find the right height in the smash. As a player, you really need to learn to use all the height you can create and hit as high up as you can to get the best possible smash. With SmashMaster you can find the right flow and technique - and with enough practice you can even learn to hit the ball out of the cage! Also suitable for stretching exercises and pre-match warm-ups, perfect for preventing injuries!

  • SmashMaster 2-ball is for adult players at beginner & intermediate level and juniors.
    • Length: 63,6cm, Weight: approx. 340grams
  • SmashMaster 3-ball is for adult players at advanced level.
    • Length: 68,6cm, Weight: approx 425grams

The grip is suitable for both right and left handed players. Markings show how to grip correctly for continental grip when smashing.

Read more about the SmashMaster and watch videos showing and describing what the SmashMaster teaches, how to practice with it, which model etc. here

When children are practicing with the SmashMaster, supervise to make sure the child is handling the tool correctly. Please note that the SmashMaster is a training tool and should be handled according to instructions.

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I've practiced tennis all my life and know how important it is to use technique to make it stick. Just had the opportunity to try TopspinPro and wish I had discovered it sooner! Now both me and my tennis playing kids can practice technique and fundamentals at home, really fun and easy! Highly recommended regardless of ambition level.

Anna Wassgren, tennis player since 30 years

I serve 60 times a day with ServeMaster and have noticed an improvement in just a few weeks. Yesterday I played a match and felt so confident when I served.

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