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Popular training target for tennis and padel - easy to fold up/set up and take to the court!

The tennis / padel targets are used for exercises where you have to place the ball in a certain direction and work on height over the net. Training for many different strokes such as serve, passing stroke, serve-return, volley and various ground strokes. Pop-up targets are easily attached to a tennis net/paddle net with Velcro in just a few seconds.

You can easily change the positioning of the hole by moving the target sideways or in height. For example, if you're practicing extra-margin shots above the net, place the target higher up to practice not hitting the net.

The hole has a string that ends in the middle of the hole. The string has a bell at the bottom that sounds when you hit it with the ball. It enhances the experience and when you hear a clean hit in the hole. Extra good feature for people with impaired vision and fun detail for junior players. If you don't want the sound of the bell, it can easily be cut off or tied up.

The targets are made of impact-resistant nylon with a durable metal frame. The opening of the goal measures 63 (height) x 50cm (width). Each target folds easily as a pop-up tent into its own compact round-shaped nylon case (49cmx52cm) with carrying strap; for easy space-saving storage and transportation. Easy to just carry with you to the course.

Tip for home practice: attach the target to the back of a chair and practice precision at home.

How to fold the HoB Sports Pop-up Target.

Be inspired by these exercises:

Precision serve: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WDbvqVT3Dg8

Precision slice: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Scldotx8Elo

Precision forehand: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/fWOyaMvH92g

Precision volley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ceFQT0elS0

If you buy the 1st pop-up target, either a black or blue one will be delivered. If you buy a 2-pack you will get a black and a blue target. If you have specific color preferences, please let us know in the message box at checkout.

HoB Sports is House of Bontin's own brand. HoB Sports was created to enable you as a player and coach to train even more efficiently and have even more fun at training sessions. Tennis and padel are technically difficult sports where you as a player are challenged. All players have different abilities. That's why HoB Sports wants to give you better opportunities to train in a varied and innovative way, to progress faster; to correct errors easily; and to better understand techniques that can be difficult for the brain to learn and consolidate. Quite simply, we want you to reach your full potential!

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