Fast Track Tennis rebounder net with ball machine

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Fast Track Tennis' patented feedback system is a portable tennis simulator in the form of a rebounder tennis net with ball machine in one that is perfect for effective and fun tennis training on your own or with friends. The net can be set up at any time, indoors or outdoors - no tennis court or training partner needed! Fast Track Tennis is suitable for all players, young and old, and for all levels! With Fast Track Tennis, you can train often and effectively. You don't have to run and fetch the balls as the balls are fed to you over and over again. You can hit 20 shots per minute which means 1200 shots per hour! The system includes a rebounder tennis net, a ball feeder, 12 specially labeled practice balls, a smartphone stand and available iOS app(s). If you are going to use the app, you will need to practice with the specially labeled practice balls provided. If you are not using the app, you can use regular tennis balls (e.g. regular pressureless ball, red ball, orange ball, green ball or yellow ball) and then 3-4 regular balls are enough during use.

Fast Track Tennis rebounder tennis net:
The portable 2x2m mesh and nylon net has a metal frame, fiberglass rods and a practical carrying bag. Total packed weight of the tennis net is 6,3kg. The net can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Fast Track ball machine:

The ball feeder is powered by 4 D-cell batteries (6 volts) (batteries not included in the purchase) or can be plugged into the wall with an AC adapter (included in the purchase). The AC adapter is according to EU standard. The ball machine delivers balls every 3 seconds to a height of approximately 1.8m and to a distance of approximately 2.7m (performance may vary depending on battery power and/or type and length of extension cords).

Fast Track Feedback System stand:
An adjustable stand with smartphone mount is included for use with the Fast Track Tennis Feedback System. Be sure to attach the smartphone clip to the stand so that the smartphone is in a horizontal position when in use. The stand comes in a 25x8x8 cm box and weighs less than 0.5 kg.

Fast Track Feedback System Exercise Balls:
When you purchase Fast Track Tennis so , it includes a resealable bag of 12 extra-durable, pressureless, orange-colored balls with six black dots per ball. The pressureless balls are ideal for practice and are the same dimensions as standard sized tennis balls that come in tubes. The balls are uniquely labeled for enhanced visual tracking and specifically designed for use with the Fast Track Tennis smartphone apps, Fast Track Tennis balls enable sophisticated computer vision algorithms to track ball dimensions for use with FTT apps. Additional spare balls in 12-packs are available to purchase separately.

Fast Track Tennis product specifications and features
The portable 2x2m mesh and nylon net has a metal frame, fiberglass poles and a convenient carrying bag. Total packed weight of the net is 6,3kg. The ball feeder is 50cm long x 28cm high x 20cm wide and is designed for use with all standard size/weight tennis balls. The exterior is made of molded plastic and the unit sits on rubber feet. The electric motor is powered by 4 D-cell batteries (not included) or can be plugged into a standard wall outlet with the included power adapter. NOTE: (1) When using the AC adapter as a power source, allow the machine to warm up for a few seconds. (2) Turn off the machine immediately after a throw to allow for faster start-up and extend the life of the spring. (3) The length and rating of the extension cord may affect performance. The total weight of the ball machine is approximately 4kg.

Download the app!

  • PLAY FTT is the Fast Track Tennis game platform. Add the goals to your net, download the app and join the fun. Hit targets and score points. (NOTE, prizes are only available to US residents).
  • PRACTICE FTT is the Fast Track Tennis performance tracker (under development).
  • Download the iOS apps for FREE and use the included practice balls and stand to LEARN, PRACTICE, PLAY like never before.

Important to note about Fast Track Tennis
Fast Track Tennis works best on a hard, flat surface so the driveway, carport, patio, short-cut compact lawn or indoor floor is a good surface. Of course, it's great to use on tennis courts too! Windy conditions during use may affect the net - apply weights to the metal frame for greater stability if necessary (the product is not intended to be left unprotected outdoors). Recommended minimum age for using Fast Track Tennis is 4-5 years. Although Fast Track Tennis is very easy to manage; if very young children are using it, then make sure there is an adult present to supervise. Don't put wet tennis balls into the ball feeder, this might cause damage to the machine. Make sure to regularly clean the ball feeder.

Instructional videos for setting up Fast Track Tennis:

Set up: Instructions on setting up Fast Track Tennis

Take down: Instructions on taking down Fast Track Tennis 

IMPORTANT INFO IF YOU BUY FROM NORWAY: this product is not eligible for VOEC which means if you want to have it delivered to Norway you will need to pay the import tax yourself.

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