Bounce Tube for tennis and padel

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The easy-to-handle tube that extends the life of your tennis and padel balls

  • For the environment
  • For your wallet
  • For the sport

Did you know that it takes more than 400 years to decompose a tennis/padel ball and that recycling is virtually non-existent?

BOUNCE TUBE is the easy-to-use tube that extends the life of your tennis and padel balls by creating a pressurised environment around the balls while they are in your bag. When you have finished playing your tennis or padel match, you simply place your balls in the BOUNCE TUBE, screw on the hermetically sealed lid and in a matter of seconds pump up the pressure in the tube using the integrated pump. Now your balls are completely protected from the big threat to bounce and bounce - the time in the bag between matches.

With the BOUNCE TUBE you extend the life of your balls around 3 times, which is a real win for the environment and also for your wallet considering the cost of balls. The integrated pump and the ingeniously simple way to open and close the lid make it easy to handle for all players regardless of age. With its incredible ease of use and functionality, using the tube at every match doesn't take away from the game - quite the opposite!

  • Saves the environment and your wallet - With the BOUNCE TUBE you use fewer balls
  • All in one - Integrated pump so you don't have to deal with a separate pump
  • Super simple to use - Easy to open/close and pressurize
  • Holds pressure - High quality hermetic seal allows the balls to stay in the bag for more than a month without losing pressure
  • Up to 4 balls - Works for both tennis and padel

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