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Eye Coach

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach is a complete sweet spot padel & tennis training system for all ages and skill levels. As a player, you'll quickly experience an improvement that lasts! Eye Coach simulates real play by keeping the ball moving during practice. The drills focus on hitting the ball cleanly by both timing the ball correctly and hitting the sweet spot. The focus on ball striking will result in a better game overall.


  • Quick and lasting improvement!
  • Master a clean ball hit and learn to hit like the pros!
  • Improve your overall game with Eye Coach
  • Train anywhere, anytime! Perfect for home training.
  • Train forehand & backhand
  • Developed by eye and motor memory specialists and tennis & padel professionals
  • Modell Junior is for padel training. (Eye Coach Pro is for tennis training since it's higher and therefore fits tennis better)

Practical information:

  • Very easy to assemble! Takes just a couple of minutes
  • Weighs just under 6 kilos. Easy to move around
  • 2 height settings
  • Learn more about Eye Coach padel, watch drills, get instructions, read FAQs about Eye Coach padel here

NOTE: Eye Coach can be used outdoors but not in rain, and if it is damp outside, it must be brought inside so that the ball is not destroyed by moisture or rain.


Learn to smash like the pros! SmashMaster is the popular padel training tool that effectively teaches you the basic technique of smash. The tool will help you find the right technique and flow in the actual smash movement. It will teach you how to move correctly and how to create power. The tool is also suitable for movement exercises, stretching, strength training and warm-ups before matches. Choose between 2-ball and 3-ball.

SmashMaster 2-ball:

  • For adult players at beginner & intermediate level and juniors over 10 years old
  • Length: 63,6cm
  • Weight: approx 340grams

SmashMaster 3-ball:

  • For adult players at advanced level
  • Length: 68,6cm
  • Weight: approx 425grams

The grip is suitable for both right and left handed players. Markings show how to grip correctly.

Read more about how to use the SmashMaster here

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