Summer is short... but REALLY fun!

Hi Tennissister4ever, school is starting soon, but thought we would talk about the summer and all the tennis you have been playing.

You've been to several tennis camps, tell us which ones and how was it?

Judith: We've been to a club camp at our home club SDTK and then we've been to Wilson Tennis Camp down in Båstad. It's been amazing, there have been different feelings because there have been different kinds of camps. At Wilson Tennis Camp you stayed overnight and were there all day and had breakfast, lunch and dinner. At SDTK it was also a lot of fun even though you were only there during the days.

What was the most fun at Wilson Tennis Camp?

Judith: Playing tennis with so many great coaches and making new friends.

You have also started competing and have participated in several tournaments. Which ones were they and how did you feel?

Vega: We have played the Halmstad Games, the Monk Games, the Holmen Paper Cup, the Yonex Open and in several different classes. It felt great and I love to play matches, I always get more excited when I play matches and fight more.

What were the results in the competitions?

Vega: Halmstadspelen I came 1a in 12C. Munkaspelen I came to 3a in 12C. Holmen Paper Cup I came 3a in 11A, 2a in 10A, 2a in 12B. Yonex Open I came 3a.

Are you satisfied with your results?

Vega: yes, I am very happy, I have fought hard!

What are your favourite tennis experiences this summer?

Judith: Watching my first tennis match on center court in Båstad and getting many autographs from many great players, both former players and current players. And getting to be at the Wilson Tennis Camp.

Vega: That was watching Rebecca Peterson play at the Båstad Nordea Open and getting her autograph. And when I won the Halmstad Games 12C because I fought very hard. Then of course the Wilson Tennis Camp!

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Vega: That me and my family will play more tennis and that it will be a really fun autumn and I wish that I will never stop playing tennis, it's amazing!

Judith: Wilson Tennis Camp in Jönköping!

Thank you very much and good luck this autumn!

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